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Digital Welding System Z5

Each of our tack welding machines is equipped with the Digital Welding System Z5. We have especially developed this software to control and monitor the entire tack welding process with an especially user friendly customised system.

In all screens, you can switch between two installed languages. Default languages are English and German, but depending on the customer's request, other languages are installed as well. Apart from languages such as French and Italian, our tack welding machines have already been equipped with Russian or Chinese operator interfaces.

The Digital Welding System Z5 is provided with password protected login and allows setting all welding parameters as well as configuration of the welding head.

Furthermore, all system parts such as

  • welding head,
  • power sources,
  • suction,
  • cooling,
  • grounding brushes and
  • slides

can be controlled.

If a tack welding machine is equipped with a laser, configuration and control of the laser are carried out in the Digital Welding System Z5 as well.